Thursday, December 12, 2013

I believe we can do it

So here are some pictures of me and bb for the past few weeks! It's been a roller coaster ride since I've started working and I believe we can work things out slowly. Well.. I have a few countdowns I'm looking forward to!

1 more day to Adventure Cove
2 more days to Msia
19 more days to New Year's Eve
27 more days to our very First year 

Things have been great for us! Every now and then there are people who are trying so hard to bring us down, yet fail. And also many problems we face. But I'm glad I have Izad by my side because he never fail to get me back on track. No matter how hard things get between us, he always tries his best. And that makes me do my best too. I just hope things will go smoothly from now onwards. 2014 is coming! So it better be a good year :-)

I'm super hyped up for all the upcoming events. Praying hard that things won't get out of hand. Just want to be happy.


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