Sunday, December 22, 2013

You learn to appreciate

Adventure Cove

So we went to Adventure Cove and we had a really fun day! It rained for a while then we continued to play! Me and bb played slides and I keep cracking my neck during the ride :-(
Had KFC family feast after that. Was really tired by the time I reach home.


We spent two days with this couple! Had a little shopping and ate yummy food. Always fun to go out with my bb. We were so tired by the end of the night and had last min plans to go planet for awhile. Sudden raid. But I didn't get in trouble! Too many fights probably.

Planet Paradise

Babysit baby Hakim

Had major pms this day but of course, bb still tried his best to give in to me. Wanted to go town for dinner, but end up baby sitting baby Hakim. Can you believe it? Both of us brought baby Hakim alone out to JP with a baby trolley, two diapers and a bottle of milk powder. Surprised to know bb know how to even prepare the milk powder based on his understanding in babies. Hahaha! 

Me and bb dressed him up with a shirt, baby chinos and adidas shoes. Had fun bringing him out although it was kinda troublesome because of public transport. Baby hakim always get very happy when he's in the bus. Everybody was staring at him while he jump and scream! But he was damn naughty because we prepared milk for him in the nursery room and he keep refusing to drink. After several times of trying and playing, he finally drink like a normal baby. He is extremely naughty. But still so cute.

Did I mention, I'm super crazy over baby clothes. Especially female baby clothes. But baby hakim is a boy, so yeah... HnM sells super cute, good quality and affordable baby clothes! And the shirt baby hakim is wearing was my early xmas present to him. Its really cute. 

Anyway, these few days have been hard for me. From 19/12 till now, is exactly 4 days.
4 more days to go, and I can finally see my dear baby boy. I really miss him, a lot. Nobody understands. People just say, "It's just 8 days."
Wait till it happens to someone you love. Then tell me, "It's just 8 days."

During these 4 days, I learn to appreciate. Many times I just take him for granted, scolding him hitting him, maybe because I know he will always be around me no matter what. But slowly I learnt that, people do get tired. Although he hasn't complained, I know I have to do the right thing because he really doesn't deserve this. He is the best Man on Earth. Without him, I won't have any idea what to do in my life. I probably still be the corrupted girl. 

I can't spend christmas with bb. But it's okay. 26 December 2013 is coming in 4 days. And I've prepared plenty of Xmas presents. I'd love to see him smile.


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