Thursday, December 22, 2011

Looking ahead

Haha don't misunderstand! Me and Xinran are like brothers and sisters ;)

That day we went to Orchard for like the whole afternoon and night! Went to Taka to find his so called 'mom', then bought a cake for her! For fun. Ate Pasta Mania for dinner, and he forced me to finish the cheese pizza wtf. I was like damn full! Then at night I ate Haegandaz :)
Today went to his place to teach him guitar! Mentor jen muahahahaha. Was bored so went Youtube to watch dick figures. Two blue and red stickmens hahahaha! Xinran suck as student it's so difficult to teach him he keep scolding me. After that play with beloved Xuanxuan! So cute and playful hehe. Fistpalm and hi five! Love her, mwacks :) After that my dad came to pick me up and now i'm home. Today is a special day our family is gna Zuo Dong! It's like only traditional celebration for Hong Kong people. Celebrate like the end of winter and going to new year!

Tomorrow is work and I hate work.
Bye :)


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