Thursday, December 22, 2011

To be by your side

When I'm out!

During work!
@ PP


I feel so much happier now, compared to two weeks ago. Really glad that things are working out for me!!! Work is horrible and i'm glad this Friday is gna be my last day. Hate my job now, so i'm gna find a new holiday job next year!

Anyway, today I found out that i'm in 3R6! Quite happy I got into the combi I want.

I really want to study hard next year. Everyday after school i'm going to meet up with friends to study! I don't want to fail anymore!

This few days, spent time with Yvonne and others~ hehe.
Happiest day of the Year. :)

Btw, I keep getting addicted to Tekken I don't know why! I wasted almost 40 dollars playing it these two weeks!!! I'm sucha loser. Fuck.

Okay I shall go watch my HK drama hehe, toodles.


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