Monday, January 16, 2012

Judgement is my weakness

I'm so stressed nowadays because I have many things to do. I'm very sad because I want to slim down. I want to be like that girl in that photo... So slim, so sexy. I shall start dieting! I wna lose all my hidden fats in my body. Good luck to me. I feel so demoralized looking at everyone's photo! It's like why they can be slim and I can't?! Omg. Makes me so fucking angry with myself. Of course I'm not gna get anorexia or something but I will eat lesser fat food and exercise more. My face is fat, my waist is big, my stomach is fat, my thighs is fat, my arms are huge. Like a monster. Dear God, I wish I can slim down and be like any other girls. Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

Love u just this way , u don't have to change you are perfect in my eyes always . Marry you ASAP , u willing ?

Your husband always ,