Monday, November 1, 2010

I'm a happy girl cause tmrw I'm gna do facial at Parkway :)

I wna talk about Halloween. Well, I didn't plan to go Escape for Halloween, but it was a last minute decision :)
After dance on the way home, people called me to go down Escape, so yeah, I ended dance at 6pm, and I rushed home, bathe all this, then rushed to Escape at 7pm plus. Met up with Pingswen and Renguo first, then Huibing, Randolph, Shihong, Kaixiang, Desmond, Jesse, Clinton, Xinran, Daven and more I think! Can't remember :)
I saw Seika with Alicia and etc, Ali and Keith. When I reached Pingswen pulled me to Haunted House and suddenly I was the second person in the row!!!!! First was Randolph. Awful experience :(
After all the fun and games, went BK!
Home Sweet Home at 11.45 pm :) Fun night though.

This photo shows Xinran with two boys he psycho-ed to join his fan club!

Awesome ghost!

I wna talk about Lee Ping Swen. I think I'm gna miss her. Pingswen baby!!!!!!! Jiayou in NA next year okay! Come to express and take same course as me in Sec 3 in the next two years :)
I think 1R1 will really really miss you this girl okay! Cheer up :)
I love you!


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