Friday, November 12, 2010

Sooner or later

Sorry for not updating blog. Have been very busy this days, enjoying my holidays! Well, I guess it's gna get quite boring soon because I almost go out everyday, until I have nowhere to go.
I'm happy cause tmrw I will be going out with Jocelyn to Flea at Singapore Flyer :)
Finally theres clothes for me to buy, hoho!
Anyway, I have no pictures to post because I accidentally deleted a file of photos in my camera. The last photo was back to before EOYS exams when I was studying with Seika and Cheryl in Burger King. -_-"
Sad shit for me. I tried many softwares to restore all the photos back and I couldn't. Most of them was corrupted. So currently the memory card is being restored in a photo shop. Now i'm a happy girl :)

p/s Paranormal Activity 2 ending is so fucking epic, so stupid please!

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