Wednesday, October 27, 2010

As if it were the last time

Today had Dance and I actually had muscle ache cause of my dengue. Its like super weird. During first 10 mins of warmup, I was fine, slowly my thighs and calf muscle ache like after I had my fever that time. Then stretching hurt like hell, especially my arm :(
I feel so useless damn it! You know the warmups and stretching is super easy, compared to training at Primary School!
I hate myself for not doing extra stretching at home, now I'm like a stupid useless gal.

I am soooooooooo not looking forward to tmrw. It's last day of school, like oh no.... and I have Dance practice. Everyone is out there having fun outside while me and Dance members at school having training for SYF and DanceWorks. :(
I still remember this phrase after I know my results for blood test crying like a fucking loser immediately after I finish my last EOY paper, ' Walao now finish end of year everyone laughing going out while I go hospital. ' HAHAHA, Jenice Joanne Linhui Belina laughed like hell!
Gna go play cards with maid, bye!

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