Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It has always been long distance

Gerald and Vivian's birthday.

Well, this is the only photo I got. Xinran took all the photos hahaha... I didn't get to eat the cake cause I didn't went to take aww :(

Tmall for lunch today.

Had lunch today @ pizzahut. Not a very pleasant day.. :)

^ I wasn't pouting, but I don't know this photo made me look like I'm pouting my lips. My hair was tied by Seika/ So, today I've got all my scripts. I think I did quite well for Geography, Science so-so, and this is the first time I failed Chinese............................................................ by 1 mark. I used to top my Chinese class last year, even at oral, not trying to boast, but today, I'm seriously very disappointed in myself.
Tmrw we are gna get our report draft slips and I'm afraid I'm a retain/drop to NA. I don't know whether my Mid Years/ Sa's/ Ca's would pull up my EOY English marks, but I failed English Paper 2.
What is wrong with the teacher who set the paper? Why must she set the topic as CYCLISTS?! While I was doing the paper I could feel the heat in my body bursting. I mean, like oh what the fuck. Its like the whole paper is about Cyclists Motorists Cars like wtf? And articles all by Singapore newspaper. God damn it, at least change some of the passages topic?
Nvm forget about all this, I shall just be happy that Its over.

Anyway, I changed my blog song. Today, I am not happy. I can't get myself to smile. I don't know what to do. There are only 2 more days left before holidays, and I think time is passing too fast. I don't want holidays to come so fast..


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