Saturday, October 23, 2010

I only have eyes for you

Yesterday was fiesta and it was so-so. It wasn't that the stores that was boring, it was just, plainly me :)
Anyway, after school, I went to Century Square with Yvonne Joanne Jenice Sabrina. In the bus met Wanwen Seika Carey Kityu etc~, and then sat with Wanwen in the bus. Hahaha we took so many photos!!!!!!! Walk around at Cs then bought tickets to Child's Eye. Well, rate it like 2.5/5. I think it's really boring, although the sound effects is damn freaky! Yvonne keep screaming in the theatre and everyone laughed! Most of the people in the theatre are students and most of them are from Ngee Ann. Hahaha saw Erika and her beloved! Aww so sweet can watch horror movie together :)
My camera is not with me! I hope I could get it back tmrw. Post pictures tmrw!
Home sweet home @ 6. 35pm :)

Today was disaster day. I was suppose to wake up and pack the rest of the stuff in my room cause today was the day I'm going to move house. And guess what, nobody waked me up. I woke up like 10 minutes before the movers dingdong my house. I'm a very sad girl. :(
I've got so many boxes in my room and I'm too exhausted to pack everything up awww!!! Can I just pay one of you guys like $2 then you help me pack :(
By the way, anybody got job intro? I'm really looking for a job. I mean, I don't want to work at IC after all the new rules. So sucky. I don't want to work at UI either, same old job makes me hot and sweaty!!!!!! Got job to intro please tag/message me in FB/msn me.

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