Thursday, October 21, 2010

Somewhere along the way

Hey guys. Finally i've got my blog back. Anyway, I can't wait for FIESTA tmrw! Chocolates mummy is coming...... :)

Cycling with Seika Jewel Alica Anil Ellery Vishunu Spencer Junjie Xiuxiang Jianliang Melvin Ryan Aikhong etc~

Met up with Shawn Peiwen Marcus Seika etc~

NUS Dance

DDR with July

Joanne's day

Taka performance

Teacher's day at pri sch

Lunch with besties

Yog swimming with classmates

Step Up 3D with dance mems

Drag me to hell with Joanne Jenice Yvonne

Kenneth's day

C.O performance

Dance performance

Chen Lao Shi house

Shopping with dance mems


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