Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Being told that you are the most important person in the world for him

What I have been doing this few days :)

Spending quality time with friends at Mac

Brenda's chalet
Skating to Skatepark

Eling and Amish's birthday

Playing in class

Ice Kachang with Karyl
Studying with friends

Out with nuer

Thats all, took 3 hours to post all this :( Zomg my blog is so dead and nobody is tagging me!! Flood me with tags baby love you! I've finally got back my History test and guess what, I actually passed! I was so shock! But I should buck up on other subjects. I didn't really studied for History and I didn't do the paper properly, but managed to pass. Thank god :) Although I did not do very well, I think I tried my best, 14/25 ^^
English compo : 16/30, well not really good.
I should start studying. I wanted to study tonight after posting this post at around 7pm, but Its taking me such a long time to post. So forget it, but suddenly my Migraine came and I suffered from it like 3 hours. Which seriously suck. I asked my mom for panadols but she can't find them, so I just eat those polyclinic fever medicine, pain killers, like what my dad said. Then I found the panadols, so I ate one pill too! I bathed again, drank some milk and now Im feeling so much better. Btw this is edited post haha. Okay I got to go study the answer scheme History SBQ and SEQ questions Miss Grace Low gave me, I love her she's one very good teacher (Y) Hope I could do well for Mid Years and succeed in studying ^^

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