Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It was never the same

Hello kitty is chio!

That day after going home from Kimmy's house for History project. Was fun i guess, haha her house is G.L.A.M.O.R.O.U.S.
Btw, i've got a new number and phone. Ask from me as possible, i want all my 300 contacts back! :(

Presenting.............. Samsung Omnia Pro B7330!

My new baby.
Something like my previous phone, but newer version, ^^

Anyway, looking forward to dance campt starting from tmrw! I guess i'll be really really tired after dance. Guess its gna be super fun, cause we would be learning like 6 different types of dance like Jazz, Salsa, Acrobatics, Hiphop and two more, i forgot. Hope me myself have fun without anyway disturbance from school.

Btw, Seika i know something has been bothering you these few days. Cheer up, don't because of that '.' make until you very unhappy, just learn to ignore! Ignorance is bliss. Hahahaha okay, i go shui jiaojiao le, tmrw later cannot wake up.

Good night, Sweet dreams, Don't let the bad/bed bugs bite!

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