Friday, March 19, 2010

Dance Camp 2010'

Try spotting me, i bett you can't. :)

Street Jazz @ ISH.

Girl's HipHop! @ Dance studio
Contemporary and Latin Jazz @ Dance studio.

Dance camp is seriously damn fun, but body aches are killing me. Somemore bad luck, my period came during the first day of dance camp! :( Stomach cramps are killing me either haha.

(1) Contemporary
(2) Latin Jazz
(3) HipHop ( Mix )
(4) Girl's HipHop
(5) Acrobatics ( Not really in dance catergory haha. )

Thats all the dance we learnt. Today after street jazz, we had lunch then played games. Whacko, Give the word and act it out* and 2 Truth 1 Lie. Funn, then we played with water balls. Whoever kena wet'ted by the water must drink a disgusting drink made by Xiaoshi and Nicole. Walao they wanted to make bloody water from sanitary pad, bad idea. In the end they mixed aloe vera, yougurt, milo, someother drinks and some rice from the floor. Well i kena by ali two times, one at the armpit one at the back. Ali zak joseph john all think the drink Xs and Nicole made was nice, it wasn't. I almost puked when i drank it!

Okay thats all for today, tmrw got dance, my group got JL, Yien Cherise. Hahahaa omg die! Street Jazz remix hoho. BB guys!

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