Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I wanted to be the one who was different

Im seriously sick and tired of all this problems, it's really getting on my nerves and nobody understands. I always look happy in school and stuff it's because most of my good friends, but when I reach home, I realised that I'm actually not even happy at all. I'm not contented with life and my studies. I can't even concentrate in class, I'm sitting in front of the class for goodness sake and I can't even listen to what the teacher is saying. I don't think life suck, I think I myself suck. I'm feeling super upset right now, stop treating me like a standby friend, please? I may not sound pissed off in sms but in my heart, I am, and it's burning inside. This feeling is so hard to be expressed out.

I think end of year I'm gna transfer school, to a better one with reliable friends. Staying in my current school really suck, friends treat me like shit.

B: What am I to you? A piece of shit you wna throw? I don't even care who you like who you care who more important. The reason its because the girl that you like is the girlA which I seriously dislike most, like really seriously. I can't even stand staring at her, what she does in school with all the boys, sucking up to her oh so boss or something. I seriously can't. I don't even know why is she so thickskinned. Walking proudly with B* in front of A* and friends. Do you even have the face or not?! Im being angry for A*. Seriously, till now A* is still helping girlA, stopping all the people who dislike her for what she did to A*.

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