Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A very beautiful day

I had much fun today, even though hanging out with some of the idiots like Yanliang but its okay. Went to meet them at Pasir Ris MRT and headed off to Escape,

First game, Haunted house, omg the shock of my life. :(
Its freaking scary you know anot. I squeeze darren's shoulder like hell cause his the lead and we are like playing choochootrain.

Haha after that wetwetwild, then followed on to viking ship. This viking ship is quite scary to me lol. If you play Oceanpark's one its swings higher :(

Carnival then haunted house then whatever blahblah.
Won two spiders with a help from KX, and one snake, another snake darren give me. :)

Then went to buy tickets for Wild Wild Wet, played like nobody's business! No shampoo wash hair, had dinner at KFC inside ehub or something. Had alot of fun today, thanks to all the exnaps people! But was really tired, haha. Finally home and wootwoot!
I have no photos. Only got alot of outdated photos and one photo of yanliang's botak spot of hair muahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaa
tc guys.
And i just realised its freaking mahfan to private a blog, i just won't give too much details while blogging, thats all, ^^

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