Sunday, February 7, 2010

You only think you love me

Heres a quick post, sorry guys i do not have the pictures yet, i had not get wes to get the card reader back from his office, so sorry! Tomorrow is going to be the working day for me again! Excited but afraid moomoo don't like how i work, but i scared i forget how to write details down. ):
Okay.. So many things happened which i did not expect, and when i say many , i mean MANY. Argh nowadays homework is getting more and more, and i hadn't been studying!! People please help me study, i have tests next week, and a math test for a present on my birthday. History, science and chinese i finished! About one week plus, im gna have my class common tests. Aw im still not used to secondary school life + subject. I realised miss low is actually fine, but she's a bitch as she only give smiles to her friends/ teacher, never to students. Hahaha okay good night people, sleep early. I miss naps pupils anyway, toodles!

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