Wednesday, February 3, 2010

He sees the possibilities in me

So yeah got this phone yesterday, met dad at tamp mall the starhub there. And bought one blackberry curve and this samsung omnia pro. Sorry if i text you so many shortforms, thats cause im not used to the keypad and lazy to type, haha. My thumb nails are gone, thats why so hard to type. :(

Today after school met kimchi, jiajiun and weechuan at tamp mrt with eling and seika! After eating with seika and eling, kimchi and co. came and some left blahblah, kimchi went back school for dance rehearsal, so we went to slack at 75. Bored to death, then ahsong came down, he damn cute sia :( He keep screaming korkor when me and seika walk near him. Then jiajun keep bullying him ( seika dont kill me HAHAHAHA ). Then this happened...............

Me: Hello ahsong!
Ahsong: KORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR ( high vol, shouting for wc)
Me: Jiejie give you sweet want anot?
Ahsong: KORKORR ( shouting for wc) , (suddenly) YOU FUCKING CHAO CHI BAI ( point middle finger )

Damn cute right? His just 2 and a half and his fcking cute. But he don't like me. :( Sad jennifer.

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