Sunday, February 7, 2010


Worked from 2pm to 9pm today! Whoa was really tired. Stupid Zack and Vance keep bullying me! Omg i really love Zac sia, he damn good, he say that norman (guailan) can have slots to work, why i cannot, then he gave me damn alot of slots to work, yay yay to Zac, but boo boo to Zack. Haha sound so same, hsh at 11pm today.
So unlucky today ):

(1) Handphone batt flat.
(2) iPod batt flat.
(3) No more panadols.
And worst still, tomorrow got dance! Okay i think i shall go rest on my precious hot sexy bed now. Try to sleep and wake up early tomorrow to finish my homework and other stuff, bye guys!

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