Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I don't know what i feel

Didn't go school today cause still sick. Apparantly Walter didn't go to school and Wesley woke up late for work, my Dad hadn't have enough sleep, he only slept for 2 hours, my Mom watching tele! Daddy dropped me and Walter at Tamp polyclinic around 12.45pm and its only opened @ 2pm. So me and Walter walked to Tamp mall and met Weewee at T1 find Sihao blahblah. Went Eastview there then Weewee and Sihao's kuku friend all keep talking cock, got something wrong with them sia. Okay forget about it, then Bryan came then took bus 81 / 87 whatever can't remember to Kovan.

I sat in front of Sihao then he keep throwing sweets at me ask me eat more eat more, siao siao one sia that guy. Keep forcing me eat mentos, like trying to force me eat drugs like that, lol. Then keep anyhow singing in bus, Weewee listening to thailand songs... omg. Met Teresa and mac then Ivan came blahblah,

After that Cassandra, Ivan and Weewee brought me to see doctor i waited for like 50 mins then its my turn, wait for Medicine like 5 mins plus. Ivan waited for me backdoor of clinic then met Weewee Sihao Bryan then Cassandra Teresa, they go lan so i went home, took super long loh please! Finally home sweet home at 6.15pm plus.

Okay wtf this seriously suck, i seriously don't know what the fuck is happening to my body system. Now my nose is bleeding? After running nose then nose bleed, bad luck

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