Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Just for the moment

So today met Seika Joy Jiajun Weechuan Nikey at 74 or 75 can't remember, then Seika Joy Jiajun and me went off to bugis. Blahblah, met Jacq to Lavender playground, played like some small kid who just ate drugs, seriously today was a good day. After that Jacq got taiji so went off to iLuma, then i met Ivan and Weewee play lan, woots was fun but kena own by Ivan @ dota! Weewee went crazy cause i cannot play properly. Took bus 23 then changed to 87 to Bedok int. Wes came to pick me up with Walter and head off to Mummy's friend's house. Gambled for one hour plus and last game i won alot, hehe. So happy, last game i got FLUSH HAHAH. But total i only won $19, starting game amount of chips is $30! Joan gave me and Walter free ride home, inside car got Jess Josephine Joan Lisa Walter and me. Btw,

Happy birthday to my beloved lovely Michelle! I love you forever! :) Hope you have a happy day " today " in school! See you on fri. :)

I actually saved this in draft long long ago, i thought i post it, sorry alefiyah!
Below pictures are my loved ones!

But this special one, is my favourite, cause they are my babys. :) Hearts you all!

My lovely babes.

Making wish!

Before cutting trying to blow!


My lovely friends from 1R1 and 1R2!


My face. :(

My mom made for me. :) Butter cake!

My lovely present. :)

My face after kena. :(

Present from Kuiran Alefiyah Amit Shaiann Jordan Huiqi Armanda Amanda Alex Taekyoung!

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