Sunday, February 21, 2010

He will never love me

Hi. I just finish eating plus bathing and used msn awhile, lol. What happened to my english :(
Im sad. Cheer me up. My common tests are like this coming week, and im sad! Because, i have not been studying since the starting of this year and im afraid i'll fail. Let me tell you my test's marks now. Some!!!!

History, 8/15
Chinese compo, 13/50
Chinese, 27/50
Maths, 9/35
English, 15/35
Science, I forgot lol.

See all my marks so lan. :( Im soooo not happy with my marks loh please! And im seriously hating the dance practice. Always clashing with my tiredness. I've been working alot lately and no time for my darlings and babes. I slept 13 hours today and im lovin it hehe. Okay got to go now, i hate it its dance prac tmr, okay bb!

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