Monday, February 22, 2010

Have I ever crossed your mind?

Im feeling, no good.
I have to study.
I have to earn money.
I have to get more sleep.
I have to catch up on my studies.
I have to do well in my common tests.
I have to stop spending my hard earned money.
I have to stop going out anymore.
I want to die.

Im currently trying* to study History now, but alot of corruptions from msn. Not from ericleong, other people. And im feeling super sleepy now, slept during Essay Test today for like 20 mins, while its only 50 mins. I seriously need a tutor for this week, my common tests are like in days? And i've not understand anything at all.
Im stuck at Science, Maths, Chinese and History. God please help me. :( I guess I have to stop updating my blog for the time being, sorry guys. I have no much time now, always busy, then reach home bathe eat all this, need do homework. No time to even blog, i mean i think its a waste of time, like whose reading my loser stuff man. So dance today was tiring and had to memorize many steps, but i guess it was fine from the help from the seniors. I shall continue with my studying and sleep early tonight, good night readers if i have, I love you forever for supporting me. Anyway thanks to those who wish me to get well soon, hope you have a wonderful life ahead! Unlike mine.

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