Thursday, February 25, 2010

He doesn't know how I feel

Xiaorong my brother*(PEACEOUT HOMEDOG) so good sia, he my new tutor ^^
He so good loh, he teach me Science on MSN, pro right!! Hahaha he rocks. But i still don't understand, he draw then share the photos for me, then the picture above is the picture he test me ask me to explain to him what is Luminous flame, then ask me draw the flame lolol. I think i draw wrongly sia, so random. Me and Xiaorong are just brothers and brothers okay! We have no relationship ( Seet you watch out ) with each other okay!!
Well, Xiaorong is another person like Alefiyah who were always there for me!! Whenever im feeling down or something they kinda cheer me up, so nice right. Luvluv (L)

Shall continue to study the notes Xiaorong gave me, okay bb! :)

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