Monday, March 1, 2010

Freaks me out

Many things happened! Lazy to elaborate. Common tests were hard.. I guess. Design and Technology is totally totally difficult! 100% i will fail.

Sunday went fishing with daddy wes and mummy @ pasir ris park, hot like hell! Then went home bathe, then ate, went off to work.

Hope Rafflesdaddy is okay with what happened to him..... :)

And changed song, removed tagboard, i don't like tags... And i feel that im ugly and fat
Thanks to jeremiah jordan qq nurul jianliang colin ryan wesley walter mummy daddy for those awful comments or agreements

Xiaorong is not my brother anymore, he wants to pangseh me in dance and join other cca, thanks alot friend

Looking forward for the movie this sat, DearJohn. Bye, wouldn't post that often anymore cause blogging, facebook twitter friendster onsugar all suck

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