Friday, January 22, 2010

Sorry seems to be the hardest word

Hello guys, have not been updating a very long time. Im super ultra happy because Walter came back from Thailand and i can have the camera back so that i could post the pictures, plus im stupid ultra happy cause' he went shopping and bought super alot of stuff for me!! Like oversized tee, oversized tanktop, singlet, earings, shoes, wow im shock!! I thought he hated me, laugh out loud. Going to sleep soon, today is a tiring day because of OLE, luckily tomorrow's OLE end @ 12.30pm, lucky lucky, a visit to Old Folks Home. And heng i sew'ed the Saga bag thing.

I've been very inactive in facebook, twitter, blogger and mostly friendster. I don't know why but after i step into secondary school, i've been really busy. So yeah, bye guys! Would try to post tomorrow, depends on my mood, whether i have the strength to on my laptop, hoho.

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