Saturday, January 23, 2010

Because our promises were to never stop loving each other

Anyway, today Bren, Bob and Joel came to my house awhile and left. Then i went to get a haircut at Novena. Before that parked car at the Novena church, forgot what name -
My mom says its the most famous in sg where you pray and mostly really come true. So we went and hear abit of it, like super full? Not enough space until need stand outside. Hahahaha, so went to Monsoon and got a haircut!!
Ugly but who cares. Bren just posted a tinsy bit of pics on fb, stole them and i'll post em' tomorrow!

Yesterday's trip to the Old Folks Home.
This particular grandma so cute, she got demential, then its like, she keep shaking our hands and say good luck. Suddenly she kiss my hand, then kiss my cheek, i kiss her back!! :D
But it is seriously damn sad, the another old granny was like singing "you are my sunshine", then she sing till she is like crying, then when she sang " don't blow my sunshine away ", its like, her sunshine is already blowned away. Thats the point of time tears start gushing out.
But nevermind, they have us to acccompany them ^^
(Y) Tomorrow going to FCBC with wes, walter, wanwen, faith sim and yvonne gilia.

Can't wait for monday, i want to go nas library to study and look around.

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