Monday, January 18, 2010


Omg i have bad luck man, btw i have no pictures cause' Walter took the camera as his using it at thailand, he told dad that he bought alot of stuff for me, (Y)
I want to go thailand for manicure and pedicure. :( Anyway, im having bad luck!!

Yesterday i went to Aunt Connie's house at Waterside, had delicious steamboat ^^
While waiting for my mom, i suddenly had a major headache, then went home, and bathe, chat with with with Jon! Headache became worst after lying down on the bed and became dizzy, suddenly have running nose, today morning woke up and felt like super ultra much better. Walked out of my changi condo super long staircase, kena bang by a old uncle on a bicycle, suay~
Then after school walking to tamp mart, more suay, fell down, injured my elbow and leg, my palm the skin now white white one, but so much better.
Special thanks to cheryl who spon me plaster! ^^

Btw few days ago met up with Brenda, and Joel & Bob after their tuition, Bren went to take her Passport photo and stuff, wanted to go lan, but changed mind, went ecp. First ate at JK Don, slowly hor, waiting for Joel eat his stupid ramen, after that went to funland played 2 games of DDR with joel and brenda, they both pro nia, take turns and play one!
Kenneth and his cousin came and left to smoke, hoho. Ate snowflakes but i didn't eat, so yeah. Hahahahaha.

And few days ago too, can't remember, went out with Seika and Eling, after stuff happened, went lan @ lavender, met up with weewee(tiantian) and his blahblahfriends, then after lan around 7.30 pm plus, wanted to go ecp slack, reached ecp at around 9pm, then they left. After playing one game of DDR, went to Eling's house. Hsh at 11pm!

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