Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tears running freely

Leaving primary school party.
Didn't take pictures with kaiting. ):
Sorry i didn't turn up for Brendan's bungalow party, the AHEM* hor, AHEM AHEM me, so i didn't turn up in the end.
So met eling at her house, then went parkway to meet the others.
Met Carey first @ macs, then went to shop around for carey's shorts.
But now its with me. Finally, we met the others.
Walked to our bbq pit that ricky booked from parkway.
Omg so cool i saw Darren chan, then i saw chanel post pictures in facebook, they were having class outing i think! So chanel was there, and i didn't noticed, okay whatever crap.
Then, sat down under hot sun, and chit chatted. Those boys should learn how to take jokes man.
After food arrived, they started putting the charcoals, seriously man, they all are noobs!
Keep saying they know how, in the end also cannot, keep quarrelling about Jeremy's chalet, LOL.
Blahblah, then i went to help out or something, i pro right!! Thank me for the fire, haha.
Didn't really eat much, they say wait for Norman come then start cooking, most of us is like, HUH?!?! Norman to cook??!! Its like, is it a joke or what man, that time BBQ at kampong arang, end up as disaster.
But now, Norman improved, he BBQ-ED chicken wing, lambchop, chicken chop and satay!
Eling even put marshmallows on stick at bbqed them, HAHA, cute leh.
Played at the beach awhile.
Yesterday was really a beautiful weather, it didn't rain, and the sky was so beautiful.
And when i say ' so ', i mean VERY.
Blahblah, Jeremy keep staring at my boobs!! Because of some ' BET '. Okay lame.
But stupid eling made it worst lah ok!! All the girls must go blame her.
We played a marshmallow game, who stuff most marshmallow than the other wins.
She so noob, then still say,
If girls win, we can hit guys dick,
If boys win, they can squeeze girls boobs.
Retarded right? Seriously, she thinks she can win.
In the end she stuff like 4 to 5 then she lost, norman won.
Then i tried and challenged norman, i put 7, norman put 8.
Thats cause we ran out of marshmallows!
But we had to meet Junjie, so we ran off w/o getting touched. Went funland to change, omg omg, i was wearing FBT. First time i wear outside leh!! Usually i wear at home, LOLOL.
Met Waffle Junjie outside Kebab station, then met Ceren and Murat.
Went too funland again, played a game of DDR with eling, omg omg so fun. Then went corner play truth or dare, lame lame.
Suddenly eling and ceren go play Para para, seriously pro okay!
They are like, slapping people, play till so pro. After that i played a game of cars with eling, hoho, i almost win her. ):
Left funland around 9.10pm, must reach home before 10!
But in the end, reach home like 10.20 pm.
Home sweet home, pictures spam guys!~
And thanks to Eling , the very very first time, she's been taking all the photos.
Most of them are by her, i love you eling. ^^

Happy 13th birthday Filza!
I love you forever as a very very very close friend, see you soon!

Me and eling.

Eling and I!

Omg my cam rocks right, but brenda's is nicer.
Carey and me!

Carey and eling!

Eling sprayed those snow stuff thing on marvin at his nipples.

Followed on his back.

Look at Josh's hand, so extra.
I was scolding them, LOL. Thats why my mouth so big. ~
Then this jeremy fanning the fire thing, the smoke all blow on my face.

Omg i so extra.

Here im extra too.
Btw, there is a big storm on top of eling, hahaha!

Me and carey..
Carey and eling!

Eling and me,
omg she look so nice!! ): I jealous.
Eling and me,

Me and carey!

Yeah this pic on top, i took this.
I told you, the sky is beautiful. Even the trees.
Jennifer walking. ~ haha.

Me and eling.

Eling took this, taken from the BBQ pit!!
Carey and me!

Ricky finally helping out!
Good night guys, its late now.
Almost 3 am, i had a long long time posting all these photos. I still need to go Nass tomorrow,

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