Sunday, December 20, 2009

Never worth the fight

Cycling @ ECP
So yeah, went cycling, the five of us were cycling while yanlong was rollerblading.
Tiring day, and fun! We are like drenched in the rain, and yanlong didn't fall down. D:<
Went wen's house at 4 plus, had a long long long long bathe, was so shiok, then played with her laptop cam, hahaha.
I made my daddy fetch me from her house, hoho!
Tia papaya.

Yanlong, Waileng, Wen, Tia, Me ( Was idk), Joel and Jasper.

Waileng, Tia, and me!

Wen talking to papaya.

Tia and wen!
Waileng, Tia, Wen, Yanlong, Joel and Jasper.

Wen and me,

Brought doggies to ECP
Brought Ice and (BB) to ecp, to walk them around, was fun and that day's weather was HOT I sw**r.
And omg omg, i should have took the pic of those team elite skaters, one by one fall down after doing slide, damn funny! Its like, continous in one row with diff people.
Me and BB.
Grace and Ice!

Gabriel, zoom-ed in pics.

Danny and leon, grace's fav boypren!!

Out with filza for shopping
Had fun that day! Bought like so many stuff.
Here filza, the photos. Be happy!

BB ! My mom wrapped this grandmother with plastic.

Filza and afiqa.

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