Thursday, May 7, 2009

Aidan's vid is the lowest, :D

Planting beans on Aidan's hand, (:

Haixin and me.

Cry in pain, lol.

Dacie throws bag on Aidan cause he stole my wallet !

A, J, D !

Me Dacie and 1/4 of Aidan.

Me, extra dacie, Haixin, haha.

Haixin and Aidan.

I look so unglam ! I was looking the the sch maids behind, hehe.

And again, Aidan looks like poopie.

THE H, D, J, A !

Doing the sexy face which i can't ! D:
I look like edward's funky friday face,LOL.

Me and Aidan's sexxayye ass !

Haixin! LOL.

He stole my wallet and this is what happens to him, (:

Aidan is one mad chicken who doesn't know his mama.

Me and Dacie.

Dacie and me.

Haixin, Dacie and Aidan.

Aidan died when me and Dacie hit him w our hips. ! :D


LOL, what a loser.


Don't know what brent doing. lol.

Aiyah, they act study only. Im serious, (:

What walter doing ??!

Jor and Grace w cake.

Walter putting more cake, hehe

Shihui and Grace.

Me and Grace !

Aww, so sad, Grace crying w tears of joy.

Up the escalator !

Me and monik, we look so unglam ! :O

Left first, Danica Monik and mine.

D, M and me.

Danica did it. :p

Barbeque sauce, ice, coke and curry and chilli sauce.

BBQ and curry sauce, french fries, half eaten burger, ice, coke, chilli sauce.

Everything w straw (:


Shihui, Grace, Jor. Jor look like ghost, lol.

Shihui looked down, grace and me.

Shihui and Grace.

Me and Shihui.

Me and Jor.

Me and Jor again !

Grace and Jor.

Grace and Jor.

Jor took this pic, so unglam.

SEEE ! The stuff all so messy.

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