Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sorry for not updating that long. Teeheee.
Replying tags here. LATER/
Hehehe, wow.
This few days had much fun w Jor, Brent, Grace, Walter, ShiHui ! Ryan and don't know that guy what name, LOL.
ALRIGHT ! Lets start from,

At night went downstairs my house study room to study with Jor, Shihui , Grace and Ryan while my brother, Walter went to play tennis w my dad.
Actually, i think we didn't even study. Lol.
Went to walk in the swimming pool, Jor doing his art.
Then went to play, Ryan also. Ryan playing w tennis ball on the wall, hehe.
Then me, Shihui, Grace and Jor play in the baby pool ! I wonder is there pee inside. :O
Took alot of pic(s) can, after thispost, im posting ALL !
Seika was wondering at grace blog the bday cake is it walter, i reply, IT IS !
I was suprise my brother know Grace too.
Hehe. After that 10 plus they left, i went up home.

Precious Graceeeeeeee deary bday !
Hehe, so fun.
Met downstair my house study room, 4 +.
Camwhored too.
Walter and Jor and Shihui or don't know who, shared money to buy cake for graceeeee !
She cried w happiness. (:
Then while Jor passing cake to Grace, walter wanna push her head down the plate of cake.
Jor faster snatch act good person, in the end, Jor smash the plate at her face.
Then after that 6.15, i got tuition, went home.

Went to ECP w Scott, Danica and Adam to play ddr awhile.
Then went back to school.
Saw Dacie, Aidan LooLOO ~ and Haixin on the red stage chatting.
Went to canteen ! Freakin thirsty cannn !
Then Dacccie that clique came too.
They chat.
Scott and Adam wanna go to play soccer so me and Danica left.
While i was throwing the rubbish, being a good girl (:
Aidan ask me to go there.
Then he told me a horror story, which were really scary.
Here it goes:

Aidan : Once upon a time, at hoiyo whatever in Japan , there is jennifer, dacie , haixin and brandon.
Where they were watching movie, jennifer keeps talking, BLAHABLAHLBLAHBLAHBLABHBLHBA.
dacie and brandon stucks popcorn on her. While haixin says, i wanna go to the toilet, hehe.
She left.
Brandon says, i wanna go to the toilet to poop ! Dacie says, what a coincidence !
And brandon and dacie said lets get married.
But the way he says really funny.
Then i add on , i said to haixin aidan and dacie, Do you wanna follow me to go LUUUUUUUUcky PLAAAAAAAAAAAAAza to buy some POPCORRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEN, and aidan goes crazy saying his sexy.
He starts stealing my wallet to get 20cents, crazy. I got no money man.
Only 5 cent .
Then we start camwhoring ! Hehe, then dacie help me push him, he fall on the floorr, cause he take my wallet.Then dacie throw his back at his ARSEEEEEEEE. Then he was like OWWWWWWWWWW !
While walking out of sch, me and dacie use our hips to hit aidan, and aidan flys on the floor, he hits his KOCK. Elingkok,hehe,KOKOKOKOKOKOKK.
And he starts whining.
The end of the old boring story.
WAIT, tags.

T.JingyeeX3: JENNIFER ! :D IMY so much lahs can. miss me back yoooo ;D
reply ; Hahah, i miss you too deary ! (:

ARMANDA: JENNIFER pretty, JIE! tag me back okay? love you (:
reply ; ARMANDA pretty ! Tagged in your blog. Loves ;D

Grace: Alrighty :D hahah, you want pierce ear? i pierce with you !
reply ; Haha, okay. I want pierce 4 wholes !

♥'Sarahling(!): Tagged tagged tagged tagged tagged tagged tagged LOADS twinnie , you owe me loads back :D
reply ; Your lovely tagggeeeeeeed in your bloggy ! (:

RENMENG: WOOTS! You linked !!:D ily!! :D
RENMENG: As a fren:D
reply ; Hahaha, yeah. Finally yeh, HELLO !

//. ALEFIYAH:D♥!: HELLOH(: leaving you a tag . OWE ME ONE YOH . Heh , loves lah . PeeAss , ASK YOUR MOTHER CALL ME yoh ! call call call (:
//. ALEFIYAH:D♥!: OH OH ! CUTE video luh ! Heh . CHARLIE BIT ME & IT REALLY HURT . jennifer smacked me & it really hurt ! D: Hahs . shalalala . LOVEEEES(:
reply ; Haha, i lazy call my mum to call you, LOL. Give me the eleen's tuition number thing leh, tell me what time and how much is it ! (:
yeh, and im gonna slap you babe !

SHARMANE.: You better call me during June if not dont know you HAHAHHAHA
reply ; LOL, chillax sexayye bitch. Hahah ! Study together ah.

Shihui: Oh., update :O
reply ; Heh, updating ;D

reply ; replied in your bloggy (:

♥'Sarahling(!): Just realised the charlie bit me video. teehees. i know it hit like 90 million views. :O
reply ; yeh, so cute right, LOL.

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