Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hello !
Yesterday was ERVIN'S party, it rock my socks off can !
SO SAD dacieee never come D:
Lol, firstly, i took cab with my gay friend. Kevin, free taxi leh, who don't want go.
In the end i paid one third of the fees. ==
LOL. Hahaha, continue.
then reached downtown east abt 1. While waiting for Linhui to come, i went to ehub arcade to play and spent all my innocent money ! :O
And its all coz of Linhui for coming late !
Then went to fetch her downstairs, went up outside Zonex or whatever spelling arcade. Drank sprite, shared with her. WE DON"T HAVE SWINE FLU KAY !
Kevin came and showed us what he bought for Ervins which were totally lame.
One box or jelly beans and sweets. -.-
Kevin is really one dumb shit man.
After that see got what movie watch, we were late for al movies, so never watch.
I saw all those cart shops, saw one which has all those small roses.
I bought one, for Ervins bday present ! (:
Then got one cart, sells boxers. I bought one for Walter for his bday ! Spongebob square pants one.
Took one neoprint w Linhui ! She paid :D
Met Ervins, waited for others, then all of us, Ervins, Li pangpang TEEHEE, Me, Linhui, Phoebe, Brandon, Cheryl, Kevin went inside escape. Monik, Amit and Sheren just reached the gate outside.
They joined us.
While the others went to play inverter, me and Linhui lined up for the wet and wild, FREAKING FUN. Then Li pangpang and Randy also line up with us.
The first short slide SO SCARY !
The second 15m slide not scary at all. teeheees. But all fun la.
BLAHBLAH, we all went to the viking ship.
They played, me and Sheren too scared, hehe.
Me and sheren was laughing at Amit and Phoebe, when the ship keep swinging, they were like, having the dull and boring face in their looks !
Then me, monik, amit, linhui, sheren, phoebe went to play the choochootrain ! HAHAHA.
So fast and fun.
Kevin, brandon they all go to the water boat there keep shooting water at people they don't know.
Went haunted house 2 ! SOOO SCARY.
We lined up.
Amit first, then Randy, Ervins, Brandon, Me, Monik, Linhui, Adam.
Kevin was walking randomly anyhow alone. But still with us.
We all too scared liao.
then we all line up in one straight line and did choochootrain, inside freakin scary.
Brandon keep acting to shout keeepp scaring me.
Then monik hugged me while walking the haunted house.
Amit was leading the whole of us then he said Hi to all the stuff inside. Which, were dumb.
when we camed out Amit was like, what so scary.
And he was serious, he played inverter, viking ship all not scared.
Zhenqi, Adam and Armanda joined.
Later we lined up for water thing.
Me and Amit in one of them.
He not scared at all.
Suddenly, i wanna pee. He was freaking out and said, JENNIFER ! Don't pee here i tell you. This is connected ok!
Then after the ride we wait for others.
Monik was in one of the thing with Kevin.
She said when sliding the 15m kevin and her keep rocking the boat, LOL !
She even said while going up the slope, kevin covered his ears and said, OH NO, IM GONNA BREAK MY NECK, IM GONNA BREAK MY NECK !
And she said its real, he is such a loser man.
Then we all seperated, blahblah.
Left Monik, me, Linhui, Adam, Kevin, Amit, Zhenqi and Armanda.
Played carnival games, kevin won one of the Bulls eye, i stole the toy from him.
I also played, won one dolphine and rat ! Im pro ! (:
Played haunted house 2 again, with Amit, Zhenqi and Armanda.
So scary !!!
I pulled Amit's shirt till like crazy.
Went back to chalet. Played DARE, DARE, DOUBLE DARE, KISS KISS !
Teehee, MY VERSE, no one can steal !
Ate, went to e hub again.
Went arcadeee !
Played DDR 3rd generation with monik and linhui.
Hard to play, ecp one is like 7th lo.
Send linhui downstairs, then chill'ed at Teasire.
Beside the ferris wheel.
Drank strawberry fizzy soda !
That time only me, Kaishyan and Monik.
Suddenly people joined, became, Kaishyan, Monik, Ervins, Adam, Randy, Joanne, Cheryl, Zhenqi, Armanda, Cheryl.
I owed lots of people money, SORRY !
I remembered the boxer's shop got alot is XS size, extra small.
I rmb'erd its going to be Scott's bday,asked Cheryl lend money, then bought one Spongebob Square pants for him !
I heard Adam said his closet alot, SHHH ! :X
Zhenqi fetched me home, atee at home hotpot, hahaha.
My parents left for me, bathed and watched tv !

Today !
Brought Bebe and Muffin to ECP.
On the way, went to K X 's house to take Ice to play too !
Then brought them to ECP.
They all so naughty, run away !
While sitting in one of those big shades, suddenly got three labrodors or whatever.
Ice went to run to them and tio them.
One of them bite Ice and don't want let go.
Luckily never bite the neck, bite beck straight away die.
The dog bite Ice's Ears.
Ice keep trying to resist but cannot.
Then muffin and bebe ran there too.
They both scold the other both dogs while one of them biting Ice.
Like siao can.
I sitting there scared until don't dare move, LOL.
Then my father and walter ran there to take back.
My father apologised and the couples just stare stare, ITS THEIR FAULT TOO OK.
Their dog bite Ice we never say anything already GOOD LA.
They never even say sorry, what dumbass couples.
Ice now ok already, HENG CAN !

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