Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hello people, sorry for not posting that long. D:
ALRIGHT, Mother's day pic(s) first (:

i forgot.

went out w seika, sweelin and kelvin to parkway ! DID stationery spree at Popular :D

went out w monik , danica , and astrid to eat lunch (:

same, went to PP to eat lunch w monik, danica and astrid.

So, the sweet four of us, Jenice, me, Danica and Linhui stay back, went to buy bubble tea, went back sch to play, took loads of pic(s), but all unglam so deleted (:
Took jump shot(s). All ugly cause my phone very hard to take, you click the button wait long then take the pic, so v.v.hard.

suppose to go out w jiancheng, hoaly, yeexuan and kuiran.
But MUMMMMY don't allow, bitch. ==
then also suppose need to go tuition. my father say don't want then we went window shopping at vivo :D
P.S purposely to go out w wesley. :X
then my chinese teacher call my mother, thought i wanna skip tuition again, then my mother was like, no, shes w me, the teacher don't beleive, LOL.
Teacher thought my mother was lying just to have face, but, NO.

SUNDAY which is, today ;
went to window shopping w wes, dad and mum. MUMMY will always be last mention, i shouldn't have done so many things for her at mother's day. I wish i have another mother like seika's mum.
always complain about me, whats her effing problem man, i buy cloths also got problem. everything suspect me, what a bitch. BITCH OF A BITCH BITCH.
okay, so we went to United Square.
Then blahblah, after eating lunch, did window shopping, went to bugis to do window shopping.
went home, now blogging :D W/O MY ASS MOTHER.
watch this vid that haixin made, LOL.
The pic which has me, SUCK.

Pictures on top (:

Tags here (:

♥ SARAHLING !.: TWINNIE ! Anni on 14th uh. i got no present for you, but got card laaaaaa :D loveyouloads, goodluck for Sa1 twinnie :)
reply ; TWINNEH ! Hahaha, thanks. Love you more loads man, lucks for results ! (:

Alefiyah:D: Yoh :D LOL ! jen , your post is twice yoh . Hahhas . && omg , my mother paid th bill toos . Hi five dearie ! Muahahahahahas :X Yesyes , happy anni soon :D Loves (:
reply ; YOYO ! What you mean ? LOL. Hi five ! (: Happy belated anni (:

T.Jingyee <3: JENNIFER uhs JENNIFER! ;D must update hors! tkcare withloves :3
reply ; hahaha, lazy ma. :D

Wenshan: JENNIFER(!) im here to get my revenge .no lurhh ;just kidding only .just tagging randomly .
reply ; i will still get my revenge, FIRST ! :D Thanks thought. :D

reply ; really meh, i doubt you grew taller. LOL, 1.49 last yearrr ! I guess i am taller like 1.50 ++ ! (:

reply ; replied in your blog (:

Alefiyah:D!: TAGGED :D ~
reply ; replied in your blog (:

jocelyn{mind blasteroooo}: relink my new blog!
reply ; okay, linked :D

reply ; replied in your blog.

REN MENG: HELLOH! A random tag for you:D
reply ; HELLO! Thanks :D

FILZA/.: Jennifer Wong Ai Ling! Hi, miss you man.
reply ; replied in your blog (:

Carolyn Tung.: Hey, anyone interested in glossy or grey leggings? Leave a comment on my blog if interested :>
reply ; Hahah, sure.

Minyee.: Hello Jenniferrrrrr ;D!
reply ; HELLO! replied in your blog deary. :D

Quiz that renmeng tagg me to do :D
A : Aini
B : Brenda.H
C : Cindy
D : Darren
E : Edward
F : Filza
G : Grace
H : Haixin
I : Isaac
J : Jeremiah
K : Kenneth
L : Leeping
M : Miichiang
N : Nikole
O : Olivier
P : Patrick
Q : Qianyu
R : Renmeng
S : Shihui
T : Tia
U : Ugena
V : Vicky
W : Wanwen
X : Xerxis
Y : Yeehern
Z : Zenn

1, can R & S be together in BRG?
Well, i think they are not les. If they are, i don't know.

2, how is L related to you?
He is my friend (:

3, does Y know Z?
Yeah, i think they are classmates last time.

4, if C betrays you , will you kill her?
No, why would I, im so kind.

5, if K steals your boyfriend, what will you do?
I WILL BE ANGRY, cause maybe kenneth is a gay ?
If his not, then.. he wont steal :D

6, if B tells you that she have a crush on you , what will you do?
Uh, i will say oh to her.

7, will you & M gets into a fight?
Who knows ? Maybe.

8, who does K have a crush on?
Hmmmm, i think T X, shhh :X
MUAHAHHA, i dont' know la.

9, if L calls you a bitch, what will you do?
I will call him bastard. (:

10, whats the relationship between you & E?
Best friends, kindergarten friends. (:
11, who does Z like?
How i know, you ask lo unknown person.

12, who is I's best friend?
Scott, i think.

13, what colour does Y like?
I don't know. maybe yellowish ?
14, where does F live?
Marine parade blk something,

15, did you & C have a fight before?
NOPE, cause we are girlf's, girlf's don't fight (:

16, who is H's best friend?
Dacie or Kwantip ?

17, what can you say about T?
She's crazy.
18, if J tells you he have a crush on you?
YUCK! i will say, oh yuck.//

19, tag 10 people to do this quiz.
everyone who sees this thing ?
ALEFIYAH !! The first person who comes in my mind, cause she is my bitch (:

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