Monday, May 18, 2009

steam room.

I will love my deary forever ! Next time we see shihui and jor hugging again we hug also k !

Make them jealous.LOL.

SUNDAY Night ;
this was at the night when i didn't expected to do something, LOL.

lol, its like.

At the afternoon while i was posting, Ken came.

He and walter was in my room getting aircon ==

Walter is going crazy over the psp man. He left his socks on my sofa bed !!

Ken took the guitar from my room and keep playing the guitar, it rocks man ! He play soooo nice.

Then don't know what happen. Then QQ came, they changed and went down to swim. I think that time Jor, Shihui and Grace come alr, i never join them :p

QQ came up and w/ our whole family eat hotpot. Don't know how to say, forget :X

why QQ name call QQ ah ? Sorry, lol.

Ken act that he left but his downstairs w/ deary and others.

After dinner not long later, walter and QQ want to go swimming again ==

They went down, later Gracedeary called me ask me lend her towel and cloths :O

So i brought it down and never went back home.

My condo swimming pool water freakin cold !

QQ, shihui and grace all at the pool.

QQ dont want come up, he scared i see his tummy, hehehe.Your not that fat la QQ ! (:

So downstairs got two towels, one for grace and one for the boys. None of shihui, lol.

Then shihui in the poool ask Grace pass the towel to her, grace don't care just throw the towel end up in the pool, no towels for boys. :D

Then walter keep nagging, haiyo.

Later me and grace went to toilet to go steam room, sucks inside, FREAKING HOTTT CANN.

Im sitting right beside the place where comes our hot air which hurts like shit. So, i changed place w/ grace when shihui came.

So went back to swimming pool, i immediately put my leg in the pool and soak, so hot you know. 40 degrees leh. Lowest temperature somemore.

Then in the pool got jor, QQ and walter.

They like fishes like that. Grace bought cookies from subway or smth, then she throw at their mouth they all snatch, LOL. Walter get the mosttttt ! Baddy, always snatch from QQ from taking the cookie.

Then walter will say LEAVE THE COOKIE ALONE to grace when she don't want let him take and eat. They all snatching for the cookie, luckily we all share if not , not enought liao.

Jor pull me to the swimming pool, i almost drop inside cannn ! Then he ask his baby shihui to help also. D:

Then they both want to push me, luckily grace protect me, second time walter scold them say don't. Heh.

Walter jor and QQ play splashing water, then splash to all of us !

So, itook revenge, i splash water and QQ, in the end i became all wet.

he ask me jump down pool cause my whole body all wet but i don't want. I almost wanna go down le.


Then ken, jor, shihui and grace went to the pit and smoke.

So left me walter and QQ.

Walter went to emo at the side of pool so i talk to QQ lo. Heh.

In the end we waited so long, we both just run to the pit. AND I SAW WALTER THERE.

QQ still say walter at swimming pool , bodoh.

Went back to swimming pool, ken sitting somewhere at those high stones.

So me and grace joined him.

Thats went me and ken became lovers (:



Then we keep camwhoring, lala, blahblah.

Jor keep saying to me, I WIll HIT YOUR THIGH, I WILL SLAP YOU w/ a voice i don't like, eeyer.

Then itslike already 10 pm, grace must go home at like 9pm. heh, deary so naughty.

So i ask ken to follow me to send grace to bus stop, cause i scared got alot china and banglah people, cause beside my condo got alot workers which look very scary.

Then reach the bus stop, i smsed the bus station, the bus coming in 10 min, so we camwhore camwhore, teeheee.

I took ken's white hairband to use awhile (:

So okay lo, then at that time i broke up w/ ken D:

So sad hor, LOL.

Not even one day already broke up. D:

Then i walk back home, see no one, go back upstairs lo. Then saw jor and shihui at my house lobby.

Jor called walter and say he can go up after asking my parents, then we went up together.

Shihui scared of BEBE ! :o

So she ran to my room, chat chat, blah blah.

I send shihui and QQ down at like 11.30 pm while walter busy playing the psp.

Shihui father come fetch her while QQ take bus home.

After that wes say he can fetch jor and QQ home or smth, then they all plus walter went to send them home while i watch movie.

Then nothing. Heh.'

Never took pic w/ walter jor shihui and QQ. Sorry.


this time i quarrel w/ my dad. ==

Don't want say liao le, the usual thing, so pissed.

I tell you, tmr go sch eyes sure swollen, so must put more eyedrops (:


I was sitting w/ linhui , dacie , shaiann and yuning right.

Then aidan suddenly sit beside me to join us, he crazy la.

I slapped him he slapped me. :O

First recess, we going up together, suddenly edward darren aidan KENNETH started hitting us at the hips, COPY ME.

Aidan copy me they copy aidan.

SO PISSSS CAN. My whole body now damn pain.

They cuff their hands together and run towards me and dacie to hit sia.

WORST still, karanguni that fcker suddenly come and extra hit me also, CRAZY ASS la, i tell you i taking revenge okay.

Second recess,

sitting w/ my 3 dearies, then i went to ask dacie something. Then darren and edward took a stupid eng - cantonese book from K X or something and come talk to me.


You know what they say to me anot.

they say to me in cantonese, your breat hurt and

you no breast.

CRAZYYYYy la. But i don't understand what they saying, their saying in cantonese suck.

Me and K X speak cantonese the best la.

Went to parade square play zombie w/ those cliques.

I hurt my kneee joint plus ankle la, freakin pain, they all keeep kicking my asss can.
KICK ass is edward.

BANG ass is DARREN, aidan, edward and kenneth. Mad people. ==

TSK TSK TSK to you guys losers la. Hit so pain, SO not gentle men, TALK TO MY HAIR MAN.

plus they bang me i hit the whole hurt my elbow. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

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