Saturday, December 6, 2008

KEN in the pic !
Brent's master group piece !
when did jordan became a beggar ?!
Group pic w/o jor !

one two threee four five six,me and brent forgot to put a post !

Brent's master piece ;D pussy cat !
Brent took it to draw his face.
Brent toook it !
Brent toook it :D
Me and elle :)

the best method is ; love ♥
Hello dumbo(s) I know i long time no post, just posting about that day i went out wit my brother walter, michelle lim, kimberly, jordan, and brent, no jeremiah :D
So fun la, first we meet at taka, then walk to don't know where, watched beverly chills chiwawa, which is so cute, aircon sooo freakin' cold ! Then walked to the starbucks coffee, camwhored a bit, the boys so annoying, everytime we go to a place to have drink or dinner, they walk away and make us wait ! me and kimberly went to old chang kee to buy some stuff, i spent $10 to treat all of them ==
And brent seriously LOVE to take picture and then draw the face, like jor and my brother, one group photo he draw faces lo !
Haha , then walked to far east plaza, brent dropped his earing, so went to don't know what place, bought one, i kept the ball for him :) Then walked back, already 8 , decided to eat hainanese ** kampong chicken whateverrr, then waited 10 minutes to take bus to katong, then 9.05 le, ate there, me, elle , kim cut cost then eat very little, boys eat alot, we pay the money seperately ! Took bus, elle , kim and jor went to brent house, me and walter walk homeee, reached home at 10.30 !
Posting pic up ><

No.1 ; sorry for not replying tags, so mah fan, and i cancelling the my love love band * , cause i don't want use that music vivalavida anymore, scared your say meeee, so buhbyeee ;D

No.2 ; Wesley is going NS ! So sad, but who cares ?! He is going for three months !

No.3 ; SHERLYNlaoporh, cheeeer up, your retaining but its ok, at least everytime i can go library meeet you :) and spammers, say NO to spamming on sherlyn's blog !

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