Tuesday, December 9, 2008

the best method is ; love ♥
Hello dumbo(s) !
Long time no post, lol.

posting at 7dec,

Gave daddy a t-shirt, thanks to ken !
and oh shit, wesley has all the pictures and he went to ns this morning !
saddd, he is coming back soon i guess, so , will have pic :)

posting at 8 dec,

went out wit jas, wes, last day of them going out together (:
so fun, went to dhobi ghaut exchange * don't know how spell ><
ate at just acia, got group of people, and a primary school boy who is a nerd, hanging out wit hooligans, and that primary school boy looks like primary 2, somemore wearing skinnies, so ugly, wear specs somemore.
finish eating, walked to mrt, topped up my ez-link card, THEN walked to the cathay, lined up to buy movie ticket, The Bolt ! so adorable la !
Shopped , bought an earing and a pen, haha.
Then watched it, wes saw his friend david wit his gf, then shop again, went home at about 6 +, played mahjong wit jas and walter, after that wes joined ! Then jas keep winning , me and walter keep feeding her !!
ate dinner, then continued playing, 8 plus stop le. Posting pic maybe tmr, jas working, cannot send D:

posting at 9 dec,

Today purposely woke up at 7 to say GOODBYEEEEE to wes, his going to NS ! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA.
And to my dad, his leaving and going to hongkong till sunday ! I thought the talk at ns will be untill late afternoon, but only untill 12, haha. Then slept again, woke up at 12.30 ! When my parents came back, then brought me to airport, ate lunch again together, as my parents ate at the ns there, send my father back, went to look at house, went home at 6+, watched tv, ate dinner, now posting !

Thats the end, tags i seriously lazy reply !

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