Saturday, November 29, 2008

the best method is ; love ♥
Hello, ytd postt, follow up, forgot to say about the coconut !
WEN found some coconut and started cracking them, me and nik also followed and crack them.
Don't know who crack then got juice, me, wen and harold start snatching to drink them, then eat insideee the whiteee thing, ROCKS man. Yunting also cracked them, wen took one which is connected to branches, then ting asked whether can help to crack, then she go hold the branch then keep hitting on the tree trunk, so funny !
At the side harold, junhui, fatty jasman, alvin, azlan, use leafs which were on the floor, start burning thereee, ting said they were acting like salvages, then nik said, at least we knows how to survive in the wild, LOLS.

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