Saturday, November 29, 2008

the best method is ; love ♥
Today went to wanhsien's party wit wen, LOLS.
Rock likeeee shit ! First me and wen went there, then went 32 level, waited to 12 noooon ! And alvin and azlan is like insideeee.
Nikole and jean joined (:
Then me, wen, nikole and jean went to swim first, fun man. Then the guys joined in, harold wore cloths and jumped in, then got caught by security guards, lollollol, then me and wen never even get caught. The security guards suck to the core, they look like dumbo(s). They cycle around wit a bike WIT a basket behind. WHICH look like shit :D
ateeeee like plenty of chicken wings ! Wanhsien's mother cooking ROCKS ! BBQ'ed.
Then swim again, but before that, there are two girls, one is called lauren hill, which is the big one, 6 and half years old. Her smaller sister is 4 which is a better swimmer, named sasha, which me likey (: they two damn naughty, they heard us saying fuck, then she say fuc ! so many times, then they keeep kicking, then everytime kick me, wen and nikole. Jean saw and she was like, omg, i must stay away from them. AFTER FEW HOURS, went to see-saw, played wit the stupid ting, we played like siao, then i was coming down half way she sudden make me go up and down, i almost fall , my half body was down, then luckily i hold properly then twisted my wrist.. then the wanhsien just came and he was like wondering why i lying on the ground wit sand, then he was like ' are you okkkkkk ? ' in a weird tune, then walk few miles away to the basket ball and play. so sian, me and fatty keep taking the wanhsien's hat then keep throwing. azlan went to join, suddenly say to me, ' don't touch the ball ' then the wh" is wanhsien, wen " is wanwen. wh following says , ya lo, don't touch my ball. so siann ! went wh house, watch some tv, and junhui to play what lame shit game. then 10.15pm, wen's mother fetch me home :DDDDD

p.s ; why horh, all the peeps who went to wh party never post ah, like, wen, azlan, nikole , harold, yunting all never.

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