Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thanks for all the people who tag me man ! Except for ANDREW , you think i dont know who you like is it , everyday change change . See lah , my blog every post must put "ANDREW" so special horhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ~
Haha , sorry for not posting that much , do not have that much time yeah
Today i went to library wit Chloe and Yalan , Yalan went to play basket , then me and Chloe makan makan . Made new friends called Jezrika and Melissa from bedok blah blah sec , haha . LOL , then i left , daddy fetch me , lol .
Anyway , got to goooooooo , seeee ya toopid peep poops !
SORRY , forgot reply tags . Haha .
sherlyn!: You thn ***** ar call me ***** u ***** ***** ***** *****!ILOVEYOUJEN*****H!
reply ; Sorry lah , so damn fierce sia you . YOU YOU YOU .

Ren3ii~YuLiNg*: HELLOH ;D loooooooong time no see huh(: JY FR PSLE! i're havin psle right? rawr im dumb
reply ; lol , JELLO ! Haha , your not dumb lah , go say to brenda.h Haha. PSLE tomorrow sia .

renguo: hi heres a tag
reply ; Hello , haha . ty ?

andrew: g0 fcuk wif kenneth and john pls
reply ; YOU shut up and get lost man , you go fcuk sherlyn lah , like so much .

dogman: eh cb andrew you ka ni na bei bastard not happy?must mention my name isit?
reply ; lol , john , your exposed already sia . Nehmind , anyway thanks for tagging , dont understand your ^ on top tag , so boh reply , haha .\

teddybear: yo jennifer,cute blog,gd luk 4 yr exams n wish me luck 4 PSLE! XD
reply ; lol , hello teddy bear ! Then , WISH YOU LUCK FOR PSLE :D

aLeFiYaH: helloh ! taqq back !
reply ; lol, nooo! Too bad , im to lazy to . So i will tag you wit my mouth in school toopid BITCH .

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