Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hello peeps, long time no post , LOL.
nothing to talk about yeah, just reply tags , lol.
Thanks everyone for tagging me ! ><
izen♥: haiies, i love you! you go mpcc ytd?
reply ; lol , yeah . sorry late reply , that day i went then you left , seika say.

jasmine:]]: harl0s jie! good luck for sa2! jyjy! lovee euu!!!
reply ; lol , i love you too cans .

DA JIE....: hello jennifer wow your blog ROCKS!!!
reply ; ty! lol .

sarahling: hello jennifer jie! loving your blog ,k?! tag me back if possible yeahs, thankyous! stay awesome!
reply ; i know , but busy nowww , sorry .

armanda: hellohhs jennifer jie FINALLY you open ur blog yeahhs;D tag me back too
reply ; sureee ,if freeee.

andrew: lol shut up . your just a ***** plz . _l_
reply ; shut up lah , go fcuk ww cannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

anqel{mei}: jell0hs jie!FINALLY chu re0pen ur bl0g yeahs...
reply ; yeah , lol.

aLeFiYaH: jelloh ! t0opiid bytchh ! youur fone workiin
reply ; noooooooooooooooo, shhh. later my brother see i mati.

dacie: jennifer hey jie errm i hcange blog alrdy to sli nvr inform euuhs
reply ; lol , ok . if im freee, hhaha.

hUiQi:}: l0ve de s0ng l0rhs.benn trying t00 find de s0ng tiltle but cann0t find.tagged xx
reply ; you can play the song if you want yeah , hhaha.

wenshan: linkz pls =D:
reply ; sureeeeeeeeeee, ;D

Ren3ii~YuLiNg*: HELLOH ;D imy loads yo?
reply ; haha , JELLOOOH! imy tooo cannnn , LOLS. ;DDDDDDDDDDDDD

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