Tuesday, October 28, 2008

the best method is ; love ♥
Hello dumbos ! Nice to see you man ;D Though i can't , haha.
Anyways, nothing to post about. Today ww brought a water balloon,HUGE water balloon.
Then we all wanna burst it, so we keep pushing, then got one tiny little hole, ww go step on it then WAHLAH ,burst, but luckily teacher never see, only one of maid, heheee :D
WEIWEN ; linked ;D
LINHUI ; linked ;D
ARMANDA ; linked ;D

ADELE ; tagged :)
ALEFIYAHass ; tagged:)
SARAHling ; tagged :)

took one hour posting this, lots of dumbo(s) talking to meeeee, ARGH!
Emily: hey long time no see girl ILY <33
reply ; hey prettaye , iloveyouuu too larhhhh !!!!!!! ;D

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