Wednesday, October 29, 2008

the best method is ; love ♥
Hellodumbo(s) !
Replying tags later on ;D
Tmr going to singaporeflyer ! Gonna be so bored,bleahh.
Maths - 76 marks
English - 51.5
Science - unknown
Chinese - 62.5
DANG! I get so low marks, :p
Anyways,replyin tags !

Liyi :D: link me up las! I link you le !

CINDY: jenn! thanks for tagging; hahahs. iloveyou girlfriend!(:

reply ; haha, CIN! np man,i love you too girlfriend ;DD
SHARM.: Yohohs mei <3
` J O L I E ♥: ;D
reply ; :DD
YULINGsaes: helloh (; hahah th first pic damn nice HOR. hahah
reply ; JELLOHS! haha, the first picture niceee ! But say to ww , LOLS.
noobster2034: annoymous is a fcke
reply ; i don't even know who is annoymous, anyway, who you ?
ALEFIYAHH=D!: hell0hhs ! finally y0uu taqq uhh =D THANKS =D
ALEFIYAHH=D!: hell0hhs ! miind reliinkiinq please ? THANKS =D . taqq tuhh !
reply ; Hello! yeah, lol. LINKED :D


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