Monday, October 27, 2008

leisuree park ;D

SORRY dumbos, long time no post.
went to leisureeee park wit ww , eling , two ass's that dayyyy, don't need tell you when. then we went to shop, suddenly went to a store, then ww was there wearing the stupid lame wigg, LOLS. saw lots of people, saw liyi, weiwen, ken , brent , elmer , xerxis , xerxis brother, ennabelle and friends xxxxxxxxx. then went to watch high school musical, boring like shyt. behind our sits there's a group of bastards kicking our chair, then all those amo's no more popcorn crying for mummy ! no more popcorns ! so freakin' annoying. finally shows over, went homeeee, then sleepoverr. p.s. DONT EVER WATCH HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL. anyways, my phone no camera, cause something happen , AHHHHH ! then ww and eling took the pictures, so i just took it from ww's blog. dont blame me ww , LMAO ! the picturess, up ^^^^^ and replying tags, the worst ! ............................................................ and people, there are two dogman, one is my brother , walter , other is you know ____ but then, the good comments are ____ , bad are walter's. THANKS !
Darellex3: Heyyy ! how are euu? sure fine der larhs....good luck for ur exams ! Love euu !

ALEFIYAHH=))!: sup babehh . you OWE me taqqs now cann ! loveeeeeeeeees =DD
ALEFIYAHH=))!: hell0hhs b0ob ! hahas . lonq tiime never taqq . BUT YOUUU OSO NEVER TAGG ME ONE SEHHS ! do it s0on ! or else . even i dhunn0e waht im qonna do
ALEFIYAHH=D!: bytchh , anqryy urhh ? sorry LUHH ! i qo sc0ld tht keviin . oh waiit , its not hiis fault . hells , youu can sc0ld me in sk0ol . ohkayys ?!
ALEFIYAHH=D!: hell0hhs ! bytchh , TAGG BACKK WILL YAHH !

♥izen: ily!<33333333333!thx>
♥izen: haiies again-.-
♥izen: jennifer, i tell you smth ar, u noe some ppl think they are welcomed by everyone, but actually everyone hate tt person
♥izen: lol, nvm . tt person is okaee lar
♥izen: say wrongly, tt person sux!=)
♥izen: yoyo! tagtagtagtagtagtagtagtagtagtagtag lols
♥izen: walao, dogman never tag me todae.tag jennifer*jealous*haha
♥izen: ohya! hi jen, lol, reply my sms!!!=)))
♥izen: yo jen!hi, lols
♥izen: yo jen!good luck for ur exam tml!=)
♥izen: erm hi jen! imy toos. meet-up soon???
reply ; lol lol lol lol lol, sorry, lazy reply, HAHHAHAA.

armanda(:: NEVER LINKKKK ME ;(((( you link two armanda bhhut both armanda have same blog url;D so CHANGE ASAPPPP:D ily
reply ; LOLS, ok ok .

Sherlyn!: eh jen u knw some ppl like sucking up haha jus ignore thm i will tell u who haha
Sherlyn!: at least better thn someone lirh keep sucking up to ppl
Sherlyn!: eh jen tt person mre sux sia ask the bro tio me eeeyer
Sherlyn!: -.- u i nvr say tt my wan tio her -.- is she the one who started first she ask her bro tio me -.-
Sherlyn!: DOGMAN U SHUT UUP LA -.-
Sherlyn!: Yoyo!Jen!last long with him okay?haha loveyou!
Sherlyn!: Hope you pass your exam worh!NOT
Sherlyn!: iloveyou!
reply ; ty ty ty ty ty ty ty , but lazy reply, LOLS.

omg larh, im having a hard time replying tags for these threee powerful babes.

Ahpunehneh: jennifer is a banglah like me =)
reply ; lol, who you ah. definitely not ELINGkok.
dogman: haha someone go broadrick sure kena rape but not jennifer for sure
reply ; stupid walter.

` J O L I E ♥: hellohs (: open blog also never tell me , good la you .
reply ; lol, sorry larh my PRECIOUS jie ;D

dogman: hey!jennifer hope you can score well for your exams ^_^WiSh YoU All ThE BeST
dogman: hey how are the exams coming >.>
dogman: why call me shut up for no reason T.T
dogman: hey jenn i hope u pass ALL ur exams:)
reply ; THANKS, lol.

minyee: hello jennifer , im being force-.- lols , jkjk
[:MINYEE: HEY JENNIFER ;D imy , very long never see you , lols
[:MINYEE: btwbtw , 4th Month's comin !
reply ; really meh, i got FORCE meh, lol. happy belated girlfriend day ! CHUUUUU.

thumbdriveman: hey meet u where?
reply ; how i knowww. sms larh.

sarahling: hey, i love this blog! stay awesome(:
reply ; OMG, i love yours too larh.

adele(:: pls leave a tag (: anyway, nice song (: font abit 2 tiny though (: cya
reply ; haha, thanks, too lazy to change ==

annoymous: sheryln is a ****ing *****
reply ; ahem ahem *

anqel{mei}: jie,ilyloads! love me too dhun cha?!lols....faster online msn peiwo!
reply ; aiyah, stop the crap, ILOVEYOU! ask yongmei lorh, i busy, lol.

mii chiang <3: hey jennifer hahas i love your blog is soooooo cute
mii chiang <3: ;D
reply ;haha, then open a blog too ! mwacksss! :DD

linhui: link me!!! at
reply ; sure, wait long long, lols, kidding.

chung: any good results?
reply ; nah, i guess im gonna fail..

WEI WEN: Helllllo Jennifier! :D
reply ; JELLOH, lol. i will link youu, link too ;D

♥WANWEN: aiyo! alefiyah scold kevin jennifer angry! WOOOPS
reply ; KNS larh, let her scold lorh, LOLS.

end of tags, bybyeeee dumbos !

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