Saturday, August 23, 2008

Today is me and cindy's second anniversary girlfriendday.
Haha, got nothing to give her, cause firstmonth already gave her.
So next month then give ;DD
Danica so what loh, me and linhui sms her then she never reply.Bitch.
So kiasu wan. Play stupid games like percentage game, draw a model boxs then shade see how much you hate that fcking person. Lame shyt game seh.
Asshole bitch. Only crazy boobs thinks she's funny, she laugh like shyt can.
Influence people to laugh like her, always embarrass people like Jenice, she say jenice boob very big, like coconut, aren't hers bigger. Biggest at the class, bigger then mrs banibus larhhhhh. Then she made linhui cry, whole class knows, then that fcking cb still ask linhui say sorry to danica, danica said that she dont like linhui cause she dont allow danica do her duty at the hall, she DOESNT have a duty at hall, only parade square, then linhui in the end allow, make linhui cry ask her say the stupid
sorry as if its her fault. Hate hate hate, then lovelovelove girl lah, be a pretty black lesbian. P.s not being racist. bleahs. stupid black'ish.
And i seriously hate that stupid
fcking jerk, like my laoporh

say lah, dont need like, treat so good,
act like good person.
Your not, stupid flirter, i hate flirters and liars assholes.
Okay, im feeling great after scolding that fcking jerk.
He is a
BAD BAD person. DONT ever beleive him, even though im not

telling who the shyt is that. John and
Sherlyn knows

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