Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mia-inggg badly because of stupid exams.
i failed two
subjects, bleahs.
by two marks ? That's like damn fcking bad.
And my mama doesn't even allow me to watch tv, except for when im eating my lunch, evil right.
Everyday must study, she say every subject must study one chapter, wth ?
She say finish then start over again, sian. Sometimes she even takes my phone and SUSPECT that im talking on the phone that im NOT talking ? Im just showing my maid some stupid vid then my mother just bash in and say, eh! Stop talking on the phone, then i was like wth? MUM, im showing diana some vid, do i look like im talking?!
And another time is, im bathing, then she was like JENNNN!!!!!! I was at the toilet, yes?!
Then she say stop talking on the phone?! WTF, my phone was exactly on my table outside.
She never 份青红皂白就说我. Wth, so unreasonable right? I know.

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