Friday, August 22, 2008

Im 50% on hiatus.
50% not.
Exams are coming people. I cant really use lappie now a days.
Just finished exams ytd. Haiz. I did really bad.
But i dont know my marks, cause mrs chew not in school, ask mr lim take over her, miss tan had been absent for this few days, mrs azeedah thought us the exams questions but had not give us our marks.
Im gonna be like sherlyn!
SA2 im on hiatus! Muahaha.
Sorry for not replying tags.
Miss tan never come mrs BANIBUS, p.s sorry for making fun her name yeah. Bleahs.
Funny name yeah, haha!
I seriously like mr lim can, so kind. But you speak vulgarities, he dont care. But then he always slap boys arm , he said face but he slap arm. Lols!
He was absent ytd, then mr om or whatever take over, he was from temasek primary school, so annoying, he keep saying, i hate noises, then we was like, we like noises. Lols, he keep saying you want to make noise go down, you know go where, we all like general office... Cause he said like 3 times. Wtf.
Me and linhui keep sending letters about D..... and J..... they so annoying can.
The D keep lesbi'ing wit J. Disgusting can.
Cause J is me and linhui best friend, then D hate me and linhui, so she scold us, then we ignore her loh. Then linhui tear D profile page on jiaxin book wit permission then that bitch go scold say that she will tell mr yeo. Tell then tell loh, who fcking cares. Mr yeo wont even care, its not even her book, and when we tear is have permission. Nothing will happen BITCHes.
Alright, lets not talk about that. Haha.
Mee and linhui keep writing messages. The whole paper also got words. Lols.

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