Saturday, June 7, 2008

sorry for not posting yesterday..
so im gonna post what i do yesterday:D
uhh. anyway also forgot le.
oh yeah, went to watch KUNGFUPANDA! the show is damn damn funny lah!
feel like watching again.
the panda cannot fight.
but in the end can fight.
then after watching movie went to cut my hair wit my mummy.
the guy named wayne.
dont really like his mouth cause always laugh at meeeeeee:D
for having such an funny hair.{last time;D}
now he okay le.
cut quite short lahs.
but at least at chinese dance still can tie up bah.
then went home. then eat le.
then free lorhs.
the pic of my haiiiiirrrrrrr!
laughing is strightly not alloweddddd!

uh. covering my eyes ?

when i tie up my hair:D

okay.... no more le.
dont need take so much right.
okay todays postttt!
went to tution and nothing:D
tution ends at 6 and dont know why when i reach home is 6.45.
i went home then now posting.
tags are now going to be replieddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!!!!!:]

aLeFiYaH:] ; helloh mei! hahahas! i love you toooooooooooo:D

seika:D ; hahas. but so bad leh. hahahs. nevermind. next time you fight wit eling i take pic and do that! muahahah.

AILYNN ; sorriessss! i was busy that day somemore dced. so i added you in links and added you in gans! no offence horhhhh==

seika:D ; hahahs. ty for tag. wil tag you tooo!

Poisondevil ; helloh, know that you are darrelle. uhhhh. you changed your name ? must tell me mah. hahas. thankyou for the tag! veryHAPPY:D

{ Rafe. ; hellohs! hahas. linked already:D remember to link me too! wil hit back:]

sarahling ; helloh! sure of course. hahahs. linked and going to be tagged:D

adele(: ; sure link. i know you lahs. at primary 2 or 3 we same chinese class. hahas. thankyou. i love that song. so damn nice seh.

PEARLYN ; helloh jie! love you LOADS. YOUtakecaretoo!

hUiqi xx ; hellohs! hahas. ty. thanks to my brother's girlfriend:D

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