Saturday, June 7, 2008

listen you {SOMEBODY}
i dont care what you think.
but i never act chio.
god made everyone PERFECT.
so shut the fck up.
stop talking crap.
look CAREFULLY at your blog.
LOOOOOOOK at ALLLLLL your pictures.
and think. THINK okay.
if you cannot think.
then tell me.
i can tell you cause im done thinking and your the wan acting chio.
i dont wanna say that cause everyone is perfect.
btw, bitch.
im not small anymore.
i not humji.
im much bigger than you.
so dont think you can scold me buy your little tiny mouth,
cause i dont even wanna listen to your crap.
spam all you wan.
cause you will be banned.
and your spamms will be deleted.
so too bad.
and, ask john to divorce me in maple.
i fcking care.
anyway we HAVENT even marry in maple.
ask all you wan. untill your mouth have infection i also bo care.
your lucky i never expose you.
dont talk crap to me in msn.
cause i dont wanna talk back.
this is one of your friends sent to me wan.
read carefully horh.

i hate her so darn much cannns.
i'll be the one who sends her to living hell.
arrogant, showoff, bitchy, that's it.
ok and she's soooooo , fickle minded cannns.
i' feeeeel like punching her ass,
that is, if she has one!
i hate her.
and i dare say that soon,
she'll be left with nothinggggg,
cos i'll ruin her darn life!!!!!!!
she doesn't deserve to live anyways.
she thinks everyone will be there for her anytime,
always slackiiiiiiing.
you'll know. and it has alrd started to show okays...
____ can't buy everything please.
ok whatever.
i'm pissed off with you and that's that.FULLSTOP

i love her.
her damn speech damn good.
i agree.
this is your another friend send me wan.

okay , i dhun understand why uu kiip spamming but i wanna tell uu this , SPAMMERS ARE JUST PATHETIC LOSERS. and i dhun wish to say that but euu made miie , s0 , dhun say we are hum 0r whad fuck . i n0e euu are s0me0ne wh0 iish just jeal0us 0f miie , but i dhun kare . wh0 giib a fcking damn ? i dhunn0e whad ur parents are teaching euu but euu are damn fucking unreasonable . if euu are s0 b0red , just create a bl0g & spamm all by ur self . h0ng gan , and pls lurhs uu bytch , watch whad euu saying , ur m0uth iish fuull 0f rubBish & craps. iif euu kiip 0n liddat . in future ,you'll regret , and euu will nbr be entertain by ppl .
euu bytch , scamm 0ff euu cb kiia . as if n0w same 0f ur fwens like euu but LISTEN. change be4 ppl hates euu m0re & m0re , STOP ACTING CHIIO , EUU ARE 0READY N0T CHII0 EUU CAN'T CHANGE UR FACE. UU SLUT , THINK BEFORE SCOLDING MIIE & 0THERS AGAIN . THINK . REALLY THINK .

i agree wit her too.
so what if your angry.
i bo care.
cause your nobody to me.
your not my mei.
and i will never link you.
and dont ever think that tht speech is from me.
its NOT.
dont beleive then dont.
i dont give a damn.
so shoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo away from me.
cause i dont welcome you.
and i will post more of this from your friend.
so stay tuned.
hope i never see you again. but i will cause i will see you in school.
so sadD:
but nevermind.
cause one more year and no more of your stupid face!
luckily your class is few classes away from mine:D

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