Thursday, June 5, 2008

today was fun!
went to daddy office.
uh. nothing really happened. i mean there is bah.
went to eat lunch wit aunt serene and aunt rose.
raining very heavily ?
i shared umbrella wit aunt rose cause our umbrella is slighty bigger then aunt serene's want.
then i was holding it.
accidentally drop to my side and aunt rose got have wet.
im so bad.
then ate uncle's kitchen.
mummy ask me to buy things, auntie ask me to buy things.
must buy high tea for my daddy!
first went to buy tarts.
holding my bag. so mah fan must pay money.
then buy the tarts.
a plastic bag.
went to buy the vegetable for my mummy,
another plastic bag.
went to buy something for my aunt in hong kong.
another plastic bag.
holding so many things.
i look like a nanny.
then went back to office.
do something something.
then went to kallang MRT wit my daddy to buy mr bean ice cream!
the best of the best!
we bought 10 cups i think.
so we can eat the other day:]
its still nice.
went home.
uhh. cant remember what i did.
oh yeah.
did some homework.
then watch tv.
now posting!
tmr watching KUNGFU PANDA wit wes and jas!!!!!!
wellllll. nothing to say now.
tags are replied!:D

aLeFiYaH ; helloh! hahas. ty!

DivinedHellz ; helloh! of course i know who are you. hahas. thanks for the tag!

Filza ; hahas. thanks to jasmne!

aLeFiYaH ; of course your my mei! is only tht i havent put it. now put already le! ilytoo!

Aini ; helloh! hahas. thanks to my brother's girlfriend. hahas. you too:]

PoisonDarDar ; helloh meimei! hows life ? hahas. credits to my brother's girlfriend.

SarahLing ; yooooooooo! hahas. tyty. credits to my brother's girlfriend. my brother is 19 this year:D

#:DTIATANx3/. ; helloh! tyty. thanks to my brother's girlfriend. npnp:]

seika:D ; hahas. helloh meimei. i love you toooooooo!

HartCandies ; hahas. tyty. why ya use my maple name lahs. you your own! divinedhellz! ops. i expose you! i know the way you type! f2:D

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